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Alright, so after a lot emailing, scouring and stalking of forums I've decided that looks like it is a good candidate for the first review of a parcel forwarding service. All of the feedback on their customer service, processing and pricing has been overwhelmingly positive.

So I found a really good reason to test the parcel forwarding service. The computer I am on now is painfully slow and I have been meaning to get a new laptop. I went and found a really good deal from Puget Systems who will build a custom the laptop to your requirements. Anyway I setup my account who then provided me with a US postal address so I could order my laptop and have it sent to that address. So far I was really impressed with the ease of use and the speed of processing.

And then... notified me that it had arrived and with it came the invoice for shipping. Wow, it was half the price of the quote I received from another computer shop who said they could ship directly to me. Apparently or so I learned from my couple of hours scouring forums, prices are low because they get bulk rates.

Ok, so no one jump the gun just yet and think this is a complete endorsement. I've been impressed with the process so far but what really counts is that my laptop turns up fine and on time. Which according to their estimate is 3 days or less.

Here is an informative little widget with examples of shipping prices. Check it out below.


Just an update for everyone outside of Australia. I have had positive feedback from people in the following countries. If your country isn't listed and you too have had a good experience with them then please let me know and I'll add it to the list.

United Kingdom
New Zealand


  1. I saw shipito a few weeks ago while I was looking for a parcel forwarding company. There's a lot of shopping I would like to do in the US haha. I will definitely keep an eye on this.

    1. Hallo All,
      Just wanted to say I was a long time customer of US Global Mail. But they have grown greedy and now offer useless customer service.

      I used to like that they consolidated parcels and were a bit of mom and pop outfit where the same person always answered the phone.

      But in the last few months, on top of the $15 a month mailbox fee, their shipping costs have grown out of all reason. They wrongly estimate the weight of packages (always more than the actual weight) and offer chareges for Fedex and USPS aboaut 50% above the actual cost of these companies.

      At the moment they are holding about $400 for medication of mine (mainly what I use it for), and I cannot get it properly packaged, the online re-posting system seems stuck, they haven't answered my emails, and when I call I get a different voice each time - and never helpful.

      I am swapping to Shipito. In fees alone, I will same $100s a year. And much less hassle.

      Good luck.

  2. I have been using their service for about a year now and they are OK but their staff are generally very unhelpful, rude and i dare to say simple minded.
    I have had experiences were their service for "consolidating" parcels have not been done in the most cost effective way, they don’t think about how to best package things together to save me money on shipping and when asking them to consider things differently they get very defensive and rude.

    I have worked in the shipping industry and i don’t believe I’m being unreasonable with my requests, they are within the guidelines in terms of size and weight of what their carrier specifies.

    I even had staff hang up on me when in the middle of a conversation with them.
    Also they don’t list that they cannot forward certain items such as alcohol; i found out the hard way and couldn’t ship it to me through them, ended up costing me a lot more money than just buying it locally.
    Their CEO (John) when escalating issues does not seem to care much about customer service complaints, neither acknowledging a problem or apologizing for his staffs behaviour and generally very defensive about anything.

    Don’t get me wrong if you use the service for simple stuff it’s a good service however anything that requires interaction with their staff or consolidating items is usually a less than pleasant experience.

    1. I agree with this statement. I've found the Shipito staff very offhand when I've had a query about my parcel. Simple questions are often answered rudely and defensively. I still use their service but I don't buy anything that costs more than I would be prepared to lose because I wouldn't count on Shipito to do the right thing by me if something went wrong with my parcel.

    2. I agree. They are very rude. There is a noticeable difference in emails from them before and after you have set up an account. Also be warned, you will be required to provide copies of passport, drivers license and more to use your account.

  3. I've had a serious of problems with Shipito and have found their staff most unhelpful. They've charged me for goods plus delivery and taxes but to date (7 weeks later) still have not delivered or refunded me.

  4. Shipito were okay, then something changed there, staff are useless, I suspect they gave changed their shipping method, ie, packages are coming in from sweden though I purchased from the US and forwarded it to Australia, ever since I have seen the Swedish postal mark on my packages, everything has slown right down. I am still waiting on a package ( it has been two months) even though they quoted upto 25 days, and when I queried this they didn'nt care saying others have received their packages 6 months later. Really poor on their part, will be looking for another provider.

  5. Thanks, I will look into it.

  6. I have used Shipito for a year and found the experience to be both good and bad.

    Good- Cheap shipping, quick turnaround, items never lost, great online tracking, online system easy to use.

    Bad - Customer service terrible, no one accountable for problems, ad hoc instructions not followed clearly, inconsistent quality levels.

    I will not use Shipito anymore due to a shipment being over charged and no one corrected mistake.
    A shame as most transactions were successful but I am not willingly to gamble with money.

  7. I'm using their services since a year now, the support is amazing and the experience is just great, as for the shipping prices, they're just better than the available quotes.
    overall great services and I strongly recommend them

  8. I have just received my first pieces of forwarded mail here in the UK - I was a little sceptical having read some bad reviews, but I personally could not be happier; it arrived well packaged, a few questions I had were answered within an hour by their support team in a friendly manner.
    I will certainly continue to use them and would recommend to anyone.

  9. Shipito is the most cheapest and fastes mail forwarding company there is right. Especially for those who takes advantage of inexpansive US products. Here is a link that gives you an extra shipping discount when signing up with Shipito which is what I did when first signing up. Great service Shipito!!!!!
    USA address

  10. I have been using shipito for over a year now and consolidated more than 130 packages (either single items or a single box consisting of multiple items) into 14 large sized boxes. I live in Africa.
    I sent the utmost most valuable items via Fedex (4 boxes) and the rest via USPS Priority mail International (10 boxes). I give shipito a 90% rating on the way my packages was consolidated. None of my boxes was ever lost, missing or tampered with whilst in transit. None ever late, took 1 week with Fedex and around 2 weeks max with USPS. My verdict.... if you take the cheapest shipping method... aka Shiptio Airmail...then be prepared to wait months! I will continue to be a shipito customer!

    1. whats the charge per pound to africa (or per kg)

  11. I have been using Shipito for several years now and couldn't be happier. I have never had any issues with their staff, and l almost always consolidate, as I live in Australia so make the most of each shipment. I would (& have) recommended this service to lots of friends and family. I have the annual membership with virtual mailbox.

  12. After reading so many reviews on shipping companys offering postage from USA to Australia Iam starting to wonder if the positive comments are paid comments ... Iam wondering what is fact & what is fiction! You just dont seem to get a straight answer these days... For those of you outthere who provide honest truthfull feedback I wish there were a lie detector so I knew who you were... Its really quite sad whether to trust! Anyway I will keep sifting through reviews & most likely not bother & hopefully find a service

  13. I've used shipito for some time now to forward car parts from US online stores, and I've never had a problem with them. I always use DHL because they seem to have the most professional, quick and reliable service. If you use the dirt cheap 'airmail' option, you don't have insurance and it takes weeks, I don't know why anyone would bother, so some of the complaints on here might be using that service. I've saved a lot of money, as some of the stores do offer international shipping but quote at least twice the price of shipito so it has been quite good.

    I haven't asked them to do anything particularly fancy, they always seem to fit in more than I estimated and I've not had any damage, but that might be also because I chose DHL.

    So I say it is a good service.

    I think the guy above who's

  14. I have been using shipito since about feb/march this year without any real dramas

    I found it one day when I was trying to bid on something ebay and my country was blocked, so I set up a US addy (I even set up a US phone number through another company, works well except for the occasional middle of the night phone call) anyways I buy a bit of gear from ebay usa from sellers who wont otherwise ship to me (Perth Australia), and havent had a problem yet.

    I set up a virtual mailbox, paid x amount per year for unlimited packages, 45 days storage etc. So Im not sure if having an virtual mailbox account has resulted in better service?

    Occasionaly I get confused using thier site, I had a bit of confusion using MPS from China, but the lady I dealt with was pretty good. I only emailed though, never rang. Worked it out in the end.

    The last thing I shipped was a forged engine rotating assembly, weighed 45kgs and they dealt with it quick. Cost around $300 via fedex using Shipito, the performance shop I bought it from wanted $450 to send it, so its a bit better.

    Overall I'm pretty happy with their service, without it I wouldn't be able to buy all the stuff I do.
    My shipping address is also near the international airport here, so I get my stuff pretty quick usuall.

    I would suggest maybe using it for a few small things first and see how they go, thats what I did.

  15. Shipitto have had my parcel for almost 3 weeks now and it has not been forwarded. They say they are busy. This is first use, may consider another company next time.

  16. Their consolidation is too expensive - more expensive than if I had items sent individually! Also,I bought an item not in my real name (prefer not to give out my real details on the net, if I can) and Shipito refused to forward it to me and simply destroyed it. So, if the company CAN send to you directly, don't bother with Shipito. If they company cannot send to you directly, make sure you are prepared for a non-competitive shipment cost (even excluding their fee).

    1. You bought an item under a different name. Why would they send YOU the package? How do they know the package is actually yours? Dumb move.

  17. Guys be aware of This company does not exist. Go to better business bureau website & type in

  18. I had 3 packages sent to Australia using their so called Shipito Airmail as it was cheap and i was in no real hurry Still waiting after 6 weeks

  19. I've been using Shipito for more than 1 year for sending 20+ packages to Russia:

    Very good company. Most problems I have faced were not significant.

  20. I've recently signed up with a parcel forwarding service
    So far I've received and forwarded 3 packages and so far so good. I like the feature where you can see the picture of the package label and the fact that there is no tax in Oregon is great too.

  21. Shipito is a TERRIBLE company, Do not use! I had $200 worth of items sent through them which I never received, they said they don't know where they are and can't help me, then told me I needed to re-confirm my identity by sending a whole list of very sensitive information (passports, license, etc.) which I could not do and wouldn't do even if I could. I finally asked them to cancel and refund the money, guess what they can't do that either. Ended up losing $200+ to them as well as their ADDITIONAL member ship and package fees. Poor, poor service. Also the staff are very unhelpful, they don't read emails thoroughly and don't have any sense of professional etiquette. Even the sign up form is dodgy and doesn't list things like having to use a specific name or not being able to ship alcohol, etc. DO NOT USE unless you're comfortable with throwing away money! Better send it to to a charity rather than these scammers!

  22. Just used Shipito to get a delivery from US Amazon to the UK. Very happy with the service; straightforward and transparent. Paid for a 'one off' package, told Amazon to ship to the address, told Shipito to expect a package. As soon as they received the parcel I was sent an email and could see a picture on their website. There were a number of shipping options available, aswell as a number of other options. I selected a courier and quickly got an email telling me it had been desptached and giving all the tracking information.

    I was worried about using a shipping company but Shipito have been great. Only my opinion but most of the bad reviews seem to be done by one of their competitors...

  23. I am a User of Brazil and use the services of Shipito more than one year, I have nothing to complain if they want some information about these services can look at my site

  24. I've had nothing but bad experiences with Shipito.

    I couldn't get them to send my goods unless I paid via wire transfer. And they charge a $16.00 fee for wire transfer. The reason? I had exceeded my monthly spending limit.

    Here's the kicker, I had deposited $500.00 into my account via credit card to ensure smooth transactions and quick shipping. But I wasn't allowed to use that to send my packages.

    The reason they gave is that I could get a chargeback from my credit card company.

    The staff told me they would refund my credit card but that meant about $50.00 worth of charges in international transaction fees and dollar conversion. I told a staff member that it would be cheaper for me to get a chargeback as the bank wouldn't charge me fees.

    Next thing I know, my account is limited and I can ONLY pay via wire transfer.

    Now they're withholding my property. It will cost me an additional $50.00 to pay via wire transfer in fees (including their $16.00 fee).

    Given how concerned they were over chargebacks, I'd say the credit card companies are onto them. So if you have a deposit with Shipit, get onto your credit card company and demand a chargeback STAT.


    1. This is my experience with shipito:

      I used Shipito to get parcels from Amazon (items they do not deliver to Australia) delivered to Australia,

      a bit costly but hey, it is Great Service.

      I was very Skeptical initially.

      They have proved to be true to their word.
      I highly recommend SHIPITO.

      I had to pay upfront a non-refundable fee (I did not know it was not refundable and I did get very angry.)
      Then paid $54.61 for the delivery of (about 1 kg) parcel including their $2.50 service fee.
      I received my parcel (FedEx Priority) within a week. I am very happy :)

    2. If you exceeded your limit, then you have to pay by wire transfer. Those are the rules. They're clearly mentioned in the website. The limit refers credit card payments for postage + Shipito fees. My limit is $500. People who live in "riskier" countries tend to have lower limits and if the limit is exceeded, you need to pay by wire transfer.

      Shipito isn't perfect, but I haven't had any major hiccups. You can look up videos on people unboxing their purchases shipped by Shipito on Youtube. Most of these negative reviews are from people who just sign up for an account without reading the company's terms and conditions.

  25. I am trying to find a forwarder from US,Portland to Australia for skincare, big parcels
    Reading all the comments doesn't bring meanything than more worries how to deal with this.

  26. and I did not mean that as a negative feedback on all of you by the way,

  27. I have just had a parcel 3 weeks late for a party that we were supposed to hold with this stuff - the parcel came from Belgium even though it got shipped from the US. Isn't this illegal.

    And the attitude from the staff - woeful.

    Proof -

  28. I have had about 10 packages sent to me in Australia, and shipito have been fantastic! I have had a couple of delays with customs, but that is not their fault. Shipito have been great and I would recommend them.

  29. I used Shipito to get parcels from Amazon (items they do not deliver to Australia) delivered to Australia,

    a bit costly but hey, it is Great Service.

    I was very Skeptical initially.

    They have proved to be true to their word.
    I highly recommend SHIPITO.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi, regarding your comment about Shipto being "a bit costly". Would you please share if you now some cheaper serviceprovider than shipito?

      I agree to those who say that shipito is cheap. I did a lot of research myself.

      I have used Shipito for about half a year, and I like the website as you can service yourself.

      I agree to those who say that they are not very professional when they reply on special requirements. But I try to keep it simple and use Fedex when it is important to me, and sometimes airmail for small stuff. (It is really slow at times) Up to 6 weeks to Scandinavia.. shooting from memory.

      All in all, I am a reasonable happy customer, and wouldn't do without it. I use it both privately and for parts we need in our company.

      I mostly use the Oregon warehouse.

      My advice: Use the standard services, and shipments that shipments that provide tracking.

      God bless :)

  30. I have had the worst customer service experience of my life and want to make sure everyone knows about it so they are not duped as I was.

    I ordered some clothing from an online merchant which has been sent to Shipito. Shipito accepted the package, let me fill in the customs declaration, chose my method of shipping, then accepted payment for services + shipping costs.

    They are now wanting me to send in what i think is an unreasonable amount of personal information to verify my account which according to your website is not required unless you spend over $560 a month on your account. Given this, they are refusing to onforward the package to me, nor will they return the package to the merchant for a refund (even though return fee is absorbed by merchant). They are also refusing to refund me the USD40 (service + shipping) as there is a package in my mail box, so i'm pretty much trapped in the corner with no options.

    All communication has been short and curt and offered nothing but more problems. They are completely inflexible and completely rude and should not be in business at all.

    Users beware - there are enough other providers out there to chose from than these thieves and fraudsters. They will cause you nothing but headaches.

    1. This pretty much mirrors my experience.

      In the end I gave up dealing with them: even after uploading a whole lot of personal info as agreed with one of their staff; they wouldn't unfreeze the account unless I sent them more. I'm not even sure whether they're legally entitled to ask for this info and it's certainly overkill for a relatively trivial transaction.

      So my wife didn't get her birthday present (roughly $120)and I also lost the shipping fees which they wouldn't refund because there was a parcel waiting to be shipped...

      In my many, many years of internet commercial transactions, I never had such appalling service from anyone.

      It's up to you if you use them: I wouldn't.

  31. I've never heard of it. I recommend as a parcel forwarder.

  32. I used Shipito once. As a first time user, I must admit, one develops a strong love-hate relationship to the company.

    I sent them a package with a check attached that prepaid air mail forwarding. Nothing happened for a month. When I inquired they said they don't see it and asked what's my box number. "Box number?" Who cares? I don't ask the post office either what bins they use for my mail.

    OK, so there's some weird fixation with box numbers here. Fine, let's humor these guys since they got my package. I took out a Shipito box number for $9. "My box number is XXX. So can you please find my package?"

    They found it. Oh? So all this was just for $9? Why not just add $9 to the shipping quote and not aggravate people. Shipito still wouldn't touch the check I taped to the shipment in an envelope with their name on it. Fine guys, I pay another $8 for you to tear all that up, here comes the same $160 with PayPal. Mail my package already, would ya.

    Nope, they still won't. I must submit 5 utility bills with my name, notarized copy of a personal document, and they'd prefer that I transfered the amount via bank (which costs $40). Looks like mailing requirements from some Communist regime, not a First World business. Are these guys really in shipping or do they just collect people's personal data for the KGB? Or is this a ruse to make shippers just walk away so the package can be sold on eBay?

    To find out, I uploaded some 5 bills of little importance (who cares if the KGB learns my monthly charges for Roku). The response was, they'll "decide" in a few days if they'll ship my fully paid package. Reading this, I totally lost my cool. I replied, I only plan to ship this one package with Shipito, and I'm ready to send in FedEx to fetch it from their warehouse and ship it if they don't get it going already. There was silence for a while, then an answer came that they made an exception and the package ships tomorrow.

    Oh. Yay? Maybe they ARE a bona fide shipping business, after all. Just run a bit... peculiarly. We'll see if that air mail package really shows up.

    And it did. In 25 days, but it arrived. Now - in 25 days one could pretty much get it there by truck & boat, but who cares, I used Shipito because USPS just wouldn't take the box for being 5 inches longer than their arbitrary choice. ("Which 5 inches of this instrument do I saw off?") All in all, Shipito delivered. But I can see how someone else less patient might totally freak out and run away screaming. I was close to it too :-)

    1. Since you didn't have a box number at first, I'm guessing you didn't open an account. You need an account in order to use their services.

      Why not just add $9 to the shipping quote? Because packages are sorted based on your box number and if you don't have a box number, then that means you don't have an account with the company. You are given a box number as soon as you sign up.

      Did you check whether they accept checks as payment or did you just mail the check without researching their accepted modes of payment?

      You only need to send 1 utility bill (not 5 like you said--is this a real review? are you a real customer?), 2 IDs and a notarized form if your account is on security hold. Your account will be put on hold if you use someone else's credit card to fund your PayPal account. I had 0% verification and I was able to ship 2 packages to Canada. I opened the account under my name and I used my own Paypal account (billing address matched my credit card) -- no issues regarding verification. You only need to verify your account if you want to increase your limit or if your account is on security hold.

      Airmail is inexpensive, but very slow. It could take months for some countries. Use a courier and you'll get the package quicker.

  33. Here’s a workaround I use, if you are fed up of being shut out of auctions because the eBay seller does not ship to your country. The same goes for online retailers who refuse to ship to your destination.

    When you sign up with BPM, you get local shipping addresses in 6 countries.
    Drop points include: USA, UK, Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. You then use these for buying from whom you want, regardless of where the seller ships or not.

    You then have all your purchases combined into one, even from the different countries, and use the parcel mail forwarding service to have everything sent home in only one shipment, wherever you are in the world!

    Membership for renting these addresses and using the service is only 5€ per month.
    You can check it out on

  34. Well, it's as simple as this...

    I had used shipito 6 times prior to my last time using them. The sixth time, I had an issue with the shipping calculator whereby I entered all the information "Required" so as to ascertain what the shipping fee would be prior to the package being received.

    Seems clear cut, no? Well, the field that I did not enter any information was the "Dimensions" field as this was not marked as 'MANDATORY', unlike the 'CITY' & 'Weight' field.

    So, what does this infer to the logical everyday customer? To me, it infers the dimensions field would therefore, not have a bearing on the final shipping fee. Or if it did, it would be something very minuscule.

    This however, was obviously not the case. The seventh and final time I chose to use shipito, I did the same thing again. However, this time the weight I entered actually ended up being greater than the weight of the package once delivered to my shipito box.

    Thus, I clearly presumed the fee I'd been given when having used the shipito calculator initially would be less as the package was half a pound lighter.

    Again, this was not the case. The fee, amazingly, ended up actually being HIGHER. I emailed support with my grievance, and their excuse was, the dimensions of the package plays a significant part (supposedly) in determining the shipping fee. Mind you, as stated previously, it's not deemed MANDATORY to be entered.

    This demonstrates to me, it's nothing but a ploy IMO, this Coy is trying to lure customers to their business by publishing shipping prices that will undoubtedly, be altered, ALWAYS seemingly higher, if and when the dimensions of the package are entered.

    Stay away IMHO, as the support staff were pathetic in trying to rectify the grievance.

  35. use guys, wonderful customer servce1

  36. You can not rely on their shipping calculator, until you have your package inside their warehouse. I have used many times shipito and I was happy. I checked their shipping calculator before sending a package to their warehouse in Austria. It return me back Fedex and the AT post. I prefer Fedex to have it delivered to my address in one week. As my package arrived to their warehouse in Austria, I realised that my only option was to pay nearly the same amount to send it with AT Post Standard and received it in 20-30 days. Even their support can not explain why their shipping calculator provides Fedex and their Web page for package management does not.

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  40. Viabox te deja elegir el servicio de despacho que desees

  41. I did used viabox and loved their service and price thanks for sharing.

  42. Shipville is the best service out there.

  43. One more yang saya jumpa is viabox. harga dia lagi murah lah berbanding yang lain. mcm myus tu kos hantar ke asia dalam 40 dollar tp viabox dalam 10 dollar je. Plus tak ada bayaran daftar dan membership pun free. totally jimat. boleh cek harga kat sini